This site is for the Lake Samm Girls Lacrosse club team. We host all girls lacrosse teams in the Lake Washington School District.

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Our Mission

Eastside Girls Lacrosse Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the game of lacrosse and to providing a safe and fun opportunity for young women in the second through twelve grades who register with the Club to play lacrosse. This program emphasizes the development of self-esteem, achievement, and teamwork by allowing all registered players to participate equally despite past lacrosse experience or current abilities. The program also promotes good sportsmanship, respect for others and skill by progressing through a structured, age-appropriate lacrosse curriculum. The primary aim is development of as many players as possible, as resources allow, at all levels of skill and experience. This nonprofit organization shall be nonsectarian and nonpartisan.

Club History

In 2001, having moved from the East Coast with daughters interested in lacrosse, Jessanne Allen showed up at the meeting for boys' lacrosse, hoping to find out about a local girls' team. With lots of determination and the support of the league president, she and a small group of parents formed Eastside Girls Youth Lacrosse in 2002. With a roster of just 16 7/8 grade players and a parent, Amy Kubacki, coaching, the team soared and came in second among Washington's Middle School league of 8 teams.

In 2003, Lena Hanson took over as coach and the team came in second that season, out of 14 teams. In 2004, Lena went on to coach the High School team that EGYL feeds (Lake Sammamish) and Tom Wehe took over as coach.

In the fall of 2005, with interest growing ever greater and the program growing as well, Tom solicited a Board of Directors and began the path to nonprofit status for the club.  In addition a 5/6 squad was added.  In 2007 the 3/4 program was added and the club went from fielding 3 teams to fielding 5 teams, serving almost 80 lacrosse players.

In 2008 - 8 volunteer coaches, 6 teams and 120 athletes competed in the WSLA league with 4 teams undefeated in regular season. The Eagles were undefeated in post-season competition at the annual Lake Oswego Jamboree in Oregon. 

In 2011 we added a 2nd grade program that consisted of 6 weeks of practice and cumulated in the end of year jamboree where the girls got to play a number of ‘mini games’.  That year we also hosted our first “North” team at 3/4 level where we started to split the teams along school district lines and allowed the Northshore District based girls to practice in Bothell rather than at Marymoor Park.

In 2012 EGYL fielded 12 teams and served 176 girls from 2nd grade to 8th grade

In May 2013 Eastside Girls Youth Lacrosse officially joined forces with Lake Sammamish Lacrosse to combine operations and be a single entity providing lacrosse opportunities for girls from 2nd grade through High School in the Northshore and Lake Washington School Districts.  This combination will allow us to more effectively develop our program and to continue to grow the sport of Lacrosse in our area.  With this came our Club's name change to the Eastside Girls Lacrosse Club, and our new team name, the Lake Sammamish Eagles.  

Eastside Girl's Youth Lacrosse is a member of US Lacrosse and all participants and coaches are members as well.

We play other strong competition from the region including teams in Issaquah, Seattle, Bellevue, Snohomish, Mercer Island and Bainbridge Island.

The Eastside Girl's Lacrosse Club is a member of US Lacrosse and all participants and coaches are members as well.

The club depends on a large number of volunteers including its Board of Directors.  Every registered player family is a voting member in club wide decisions.  Parents not only serve on the Board, but play vital volunteer rolls for the teams and on the fields.  Please check out our volunteer pages to see how you can help Eastside Girls Lacrosse Club continue to thrive.

2014/2015 Board Members:

  • Peter Moynihan, President
  • Kelly Clinch, Vice-President - High School
  • Bernard Duerr, Vice President - Youth
  • Karen Drapers, Secretary
  • Cathie Frizalone, Treasurer
  • Melanie Kanz, At Large - High School
  • Kathleen McHugh, At Large - Youth
  • Tom Chirichigno, Registrar/Webmaster
  • Lisete Johnson, Fundraising/PR

2014/2015 Additional Roles:

  • TBD, Director of Coaching
  • Amy Garofano, Equipment
  • TBD, Fields

2013/2014 Previous Board Members:

  • Robert Bradbury, Co-President
  • Greg Chapman, Co-President
  • Robert Linsky, Vice President - Highschool
  • Bernard Duerr, Vice President -  Youth
  • Caryl Wyrick, Secretary
  • Cathie Frizalone, Treasurer
  • Terri Slade, At Large - Highschool
  • Melanie Kanz, At Large - Youth
  • Tom Chirichigno, Registrar/Webmaster
  • Lisete Johnson, Fundraising/Publicity
  • Tony D’Alessio, Director of Coaching


Our Mailing Address:
Lake Samm Eagles
PO BOX 2122
Redmond, WA 98073-2122