This site is for the Lake Samm Girls Lacrosse club team. We host all girls lacrosse teams in the Lake Washington School District.

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Our first games are almost here!  If you are new to Girls Lacrosse or just want more info about what happens at games this is the place to be!

  • Your child's coach will typically want your daughter to be at the game field 30-60 minutes before start time.  Please check with them for their standard rule.

  • Both teams players will set up their bench on the same side of the field with a score table in between them.

  • Both teams spectator's sit OPPOSITE where the teams sit.  The only exception to this is if the game is being played in a stadium and for some reason the teams set up on the side of the only grandstands.

  • Each team must assign a Sideline Manager (parent) who is responsible for making sure their team follows the rules of the field and shows good sportsmanship.  Please offer to take this role sometime during the season if you can.

  • Each team is allowed to have a score/statistics keeper on the player side.  This is the place to be when it is raining since a tent is set up and chairs provided!  Older teams will typically also have a spotter to help the scorekeeper.

  • The Home team must also supply a person to keep the official clock for the game.  This person is also dry under the tent!

  • Scorekeeping and timekeeping are EXCELLENT ways to learn the game and be more involved with the program.  When your coach asks for volunteers please take a turn!  Training will be offered at the Umpire Rating Jamboree at the beginning of the season and documents to help are attached below.

  • Youth games are run using a running clock which means the clock doesn't stop for whistles or goals.  There are exceptions to that but generally the clock keeps running.  HS is on a stop clock where the clock stops on whistles and goals.  There are exceptions to this but generally this is the rule.

  • Half time is typically 10 minutes and the teams switch sides of the field after the half..

  • At the end of the game please make sure spectators and the team pick up any water bottles or other junk and see if the coach needs any help gathering supplies or carting them back to their car.  This is especially important at home games where we might need to move goals and round up cones.



WSLA Home team handbook


Lake Samm High School Score sheet

Lake Samm 5/6 & 7/8 Score sheet

Lake Samm 3/4 Score sheet

Highschool Rules and terminology

Youth Rules and terminology